New MacuHealth Drop-Ship Program

Dr. Harvey Hanlen, OD, FAAO reviews the new MacuHealth Drop-Ship Program after implementing it in his practice following the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

MacuHealth recognizes that between quarantines, cancellations and office closings there will be a need for your patients to replenish their MacuHealth prescriptions during this period of social distancing. In light of this, we have developed a temporary program utilizing our warehouse and its state-of-the-art shipping capabilities for you and your patients.

Simply call our customer support, place the order for your patient, and we will ship to them directly, invoicing you at your normal wholesale bottle price. You remain responsible for billing your patients the recommended retail price, and we will never discuss wholesale pricing with the patient at any time.

The benefit to you is the ability to maintain superior patient care by continuing to provide the #1 product in macular nutrition. You are able to maintain your patient’s compliance on the product, without the disruption to your practice that would occur if you had to pick, pack, and ship to patients yourself.   

You will be able to provide top care to your patients and ensure their vision is not at risk, while allowing them the option to stay home if they so choose. You will also retain the profit you normally earn by stocking the product, minus the nominal shipping charge.

At MacuHealth, we take your patients’ well being and your practice's best interest to heart and will continue to provide the quality solutions and assistance you need.

Stay healthy and safe.

Kind regards,


Frederic J. Jouhet

Founder and CEO