MacuHealth, the Best and Most Studied Formulation in Eye Care Nutrition, Becomes Even Better

BIRMINGHAM, Mich., Aug. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- MacuHealth's formulation, the leading product for Macular Health, Visual Performance and Eye Health, reaches new highs with a new, science based and proven formulation that greatly improves the bioavailability and efficacy of the nutritional supplement.

Waterford research boosts the value of key nutritional supplements. The real-world impact of this research is underlined by how the formulation is being commercialized in the U.S. by MacuHealth.

A research titled COAST (Carotenoid-Omega Availability Study) was published this past week in the peer-reviewed open access journal Antioxidants by a team led by Dr Marina Green-Gomez at the Nutrition Research Centre Ireland (NRCI) in the School of Health Science at Waterford Institute of Technology. It compared bioavailability of key carotenoids when they were taken as microcrystals suspended in sunflower or omega-3 oil with a new method of delivery. The patented, exclusive and innovative Micro-Micelle formulation, proved that zeaxanthin and meso-zeaxanthin travelled more efficiently into the bloodstream, increasing the bioavailability and impact of these carotenoids.

Dr Green-Gomez said: "Previous NRCI research showed that these carotenoids – along with lutein - improve vision in the general population and those with age-related macular degeneration. The findings provide high-quality evidence to the field supporting the role of targeted nutrition for human function."

At MacuHealth, we stand for top level scientific evidence that are positively disruptive and bring the best available technology to both Eye-Care-Professionals and Patients, says Frederic Jouhet, Founder and CEO of MacuHealth. " Why continue providing product designed 14 years ago and obsolete, when Science has demonstrated that what was once only imagined is now proven?" We owe the researchers and most crucially the patients to provide the most stable, most bioavailable, triple carotenoid, true to its label claims, in other words the best available formulation there is. That product is MacuHealth."

Prof John Nolan, founder, NRCI and senior author on the paper, added: "This ground-breaking research really is disruptive science in the best sense where emerging technology and new knowledge are applied to boost the effectiveness of proven supplements. The real-world impact of this research is underlined by how the new formulation is being commercialised in the U.S. by MacuHealth and in Europe by MacuPrime."